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BOSU Ball Workouts for a Home Gym

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If you have been watching my recent workouts, you will say…oh girl…that thing is your new obsession! I just love this gadget!

When talking about a home gym AND the equipment that is needed, the last thing that any of us want to do is spend a poop load of money. It can be so hard to decide on what would be the best items, on a limited budged, and with space. My go-to staples are resistance bands, weights, sliding disks, and a mat but if you have extra dollars to spend…this is the next thing on the list.

Ok…what is she talking about?

The BOSU Ball!!!

The BOSU ball has becoming a staple in my home gym of workout gear.

The BOSU Ball is a two-sided fitness tool with one side being a flat platform, and the other a soft dome resembling an exercise ball AND is perfect for your home gym/workouts.

This blog post is going to be a little meaty but I wanted us to have a one-stop shop for my top pick moves to do on the BOSU ball. This can be used to take any exercise move and turn up the level notch (like a lot).

Talking core, upper body, arms, legs, balance, and even cardio!

what is a bosu ball

What is a BOSU Ball?

The BOSU ball, or balance trainer, is a two-sided fitness tool where one side is a flat platform and the other side is a soft dome resembling an exercise ball.

It was created by David Weck in the early 2000s with the name “BOSU” standing for both sides up. While this device is commonly known to train for balance, it can also give us a full-body workout in a short amount of time AND at home.

How do I say “BOSU”?

I am always trying to figure out how to say a word and this one fits right in to that category. It usually goes like this “go get that crazy looking half ball thing”. I figure it is about time to learn how to say it with this post.

Per the BOSU website, it is pronounced like “Bo” like a boy’s name and “Sue” like the girl’s name.

What are the benefits of a BOSU Ball?

  • Balance Work
  • Workout intensity
  • Variety
  • Flexibility

This gadget offers an unstable surface which is perfect for balance work. No matter what exercise you pick, multiple muscle groups – big or small – it will engage the core to help balance the body. It adds the element of instability on a wobbly surface and we are forced to engage our muscles that we may not use when standing on a flat surface.

Talking legs, feet, arms, and core.

Where can I buy a BOSU Ball?

BOSU balls can be found at most sporting good stores and Amazon. I would also recommend checking out Facebook market place, yard sales, or even Craigslist as you may be able to snag one cheap.

For me, I got this as a mother’s day gift from the family and they ordered it directly from Amazon (gotta love prime and shipping straight to your front door).

I do highly recommend the one that I have as it is extremely sturdy, has texture on the “ball-part”, and, so far, has been puppy proof.

Top Picks for Moves on the Bosu Ball

For many, including me, there is a thought that the BOSU ball is only for the core and abs. While this does hold try for many of the exercises, this gadget can be used for a full body workout.

As with any exercise, and the safety girl in me will say go easy, this one adds an unstable foundation to add to the workout. Use caution when first trying the BOSU ball out. The intro video above provides tips on how to use the BOSU ball, how to first stand on it, and tips to making the workout both safe and fun.

Top 3 Moves for your BOSU Ball Core Workout

The BOSU ball is one of the very best pieces of exercise equipment to use for core and core training.

There are multiple exercises that you can do with just you and this one gadget AND in a very small space.

My top three picks for CORE exercises are:

  • V-sit hold with out/ins
  • Plank with Shoulder Taps
  • Leans

BONUS move? I had the hardest time narrowing this down to just 3!

  • Side Plank with dips

Top 3 Moves for your BOSU Ball Arm Workout

Arm workout on the BOSU ball? Yep

My top three upper body exercises are:

  • Push Up with Arm Release
  • Tricep Push-Up to Bear Crawl
  • Burpee with Overhead Press

What more? Take any exercise you are doing currently with weights and add the BOSU ball. Place the BOSU ball with the round part up and knee on it. Continue with your weighted arm exercise.

Top 3 Moves for your BOSU Ball Leg Workout

In all honesty, leg moves are why I wanted the BOSU ball.

My top three leg exercises are:

  • Squats – 2 ways
  • Knee Lift to Reverse Lunge
  • Frog Pump

Top 3 Moves for your BOSU Ball Balance Workout

The BOSU ball is often called a balance trainer and oh does it do just that. Talking all kinds of shaking!!

My top three balance exercise are:

  • Slow March
  • One Knee Balance
  • Reverse Dead Bug

Top 3 Moves for your BOSU Ball Cardio Workout

Cardio on a BOSU Ball? Double dog dare you to try these three exercise and then report back with your findings on how well this was for a cardio workout.

My top picks for cardio on the BOSU ball:

  • Jump Burpee
  • Reverse Burpee Stand
  • Touch Jack

Wrapping this one up!

Bosu ball workout
Bosu ball home workout

If you are planning a home gym or looking for something to add, I highly recommend getting a Bosu Ball. You will NEVER get bored with this one!

Take many of your current exercises and add them to the ball. Talking a whole new level!

Did you get your BOSU ball and looking for a full home workout?

I got you!!! Check out a 30 minute home workout HERE.

The BOSU Ball I have and highly recommend can be found on Amazon (Find it HERE)

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