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Finding a good home workout that doesn’t suck, isn’t working out for hours, and isn’t the same old thing over and over can sometimes be really hard to find. 

We have found ourselves in a space where the need for a home workout has been escalated to a point that many are actively seeking that one spot to find that workout they used to in person and mimic it at home.

When you head to Google and search for these workouts, the amount of information that comes back is CRAZY and it can be really hard to weed through what is actually good vs. what our cousin is filming in their basement.

Where can you find a safe, highly effective, and variety of workouts?  I think I have found us just the spot with Change 30 Movement. 

Change 30 Movement gives you the SAME in-studio that can be found with Louisville’s own trainers but right in the comfort of your own living room.

pilates anywhere

Last year and in the peak of the shutdown, I received an email from one of Louisville’s top Pilate’s owners asking if I would be interested in talking with her about a new concept that she was introducing to the area. 

This amazing woman, Erica Walters, and her fitness partner, Lauren Bruker, had started a new way of providing workouts that traditional been available only in a studio or gym.  There main goal was to create a platform that would bring the top Louisville trainers, coaches, and instructors together into one online spot that would provide for fitness options at home. 

Kentucky and Louisville are not ranked well nationally when it comes to fitness and health. We want that to change. The Change30 Movement brings LA- and NYC-quality fitness instruction to Louisville, taught by Louisvillians. With our city’s top trainers together in one platform, you can work out with your favorite instructors while supporting the local small businesses they represent. As the mom of a newborn, I love the convenience Change30 offers to work out from the home, whenever I want,”

Lauren Bruker

What is Change 30 Movement?

This is one spot that showcases 10 of Louisville’s top trainers with workout videos and weekly workout plans.  Requiring little to no equipment, Change30’s videos offer 30-minute, full body workouts.

This platform launched with 65 on-demand videos featuring Louisville-based fitness pros which included formats like Yoga, Classical Pilates, Barre, Strength & Resistance training, Cardio, mom-to-be-fitness, nutritional workshops, and even mindset coaching. 

New content is added regularly to this online spot and each participant gets 24/7 access to the membership community and pre-made weekly workout plans.  This is the perfect combination of taking out the guesswork and providing a roadmap for the week. 

pilates anywhere

How much does it cost?

The part I really like best about this online membership is the cost as it is very affordable and not going to tear apart the wallet.  PLUS, they have a 14-day free trial and there is nothing better a “try before you buy” plan. 

This site offers two ways to join with an annual membership or a month to month.  With the annual membership, members pay one price and are covered for the rest of the year.  The annual membership price is $126 which breaks down to $10.50 per month.  There is also an option for a month to month at $12.50/month. 

One extra perk of this membership is access to their nutritional information which includes a Healthy Plate e-book and workbook.  This perk provides a weekly grocery shopping list and recipes.

The workbook helps you keep on track. It is not a diet, it’s an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting eating guide. You’ll enjoy the best-tasting meals you’ve ever cooked and there are even cookie recipes in the book, too!”

Erica Walters

Who is teaching the courses?

change30 movement instructors

So many types of workouts all in one place!  Talking Pilates, Barre, Strength Training, and even some booty shaking cardio!

The Workouts

This site puts you in the driver seat and let’s you select your favorite instructor, a particular class, or even choose a workout plan.  Talking one spot that takes out the guesswork of working out.

There is even a Beginner’s Guide.

pilates anywhere

Wrapping this one up!

There are just a few things you will need when joining this membership and most items can be found around your home.

My takeaway?  This is a very cool concept that takes workouts that traditionally would be in a studio only and let’s you do it in your living room.  This site gives you a ton of options for different class types and variety is the key to being getting bored.

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pilates anywhere

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