thigh and booty home workout

Thigh and Booty Home Workout (under 30 minutes)

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Who doesn’t love a good “at-home” leg workout? 

Talk a workout that is ideal for us ladies and especially the busy mama trying to fit in a quick home workout.  AND….a workout that doesn’t require us dragging out a lot of equipment. 

This is the perfect solution for a home workout, under 30 minutes, and doesn’t require any equipment.  Talking about a workout that is full of bodyweight exercises specific to the legs, thighs, and booty. 

thigh and booty home workout

Can you build muscle without weights in a leg workout?

Absolutely! Don’t let the word “bodyweight” make you think that a good workout cannot be had. By using your own bodyweight, you’re actually using our own body as the weight. This allows you to focus more on the form of the move, maintain flexibility, and even increase the range of motion.

What is the goal of this leg workout?

What are we doing here? With a focus on leg workouts or training, we increase our ability to do normal daily functions. Talking about lift our kids up, getting all the grocery bags in one trip, or even picking up items off the floor. This workout is the perfect mix of exercises that can be done anywhere in your house or can even be done in a hotel room if you are traveling.

home workout

The Workout

For today’s workout, we will have 2 series. One standing and one on a comfortable spot on the floor.

10 reps per exercise. Repeat the series three times.

Standing Series

  • Squats
  • Sumo Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Reverse Lunge (both legs)

Floor Series

  • Hip Lift
  • Single-Leg Hip Lift (both legs)
  • Booty Hoover with Straight leg lower lift (both legs)
  • Tabletop – Knee in/kick out (both legs)

Want a little extra?

Add weights or even a resistance band (click here for my favorite cloth resistance bands).

Need Modifications?

You set the range of motion. Go slow. Keep the movements small and focus on the muscle being worked.

Looking for more workouts?

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Home workouts

Wrapping this one up!

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home workout

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