Total Body Workout at Home

COVD sucks big time.  Sigh… Ok.  Let’s get us a fantastic workout that we can do from home.  This one you can totally do in your comfiest of clothes and only need a comfortable spot on the floor.

total body workout from home

Can I really get a good workout at home?

The best workout…like ever…is the one you do.  That’s it.  That’s the magic sauce. 

There is so much information about how to do this, how to do that, you need this piece of equipment, do this exercise 100 times…..  The reality of it all?  Find something you will do CONSISTENTLY.

If COVD did one thing, it showed us that we can quickly adapt to whatever life threw at us.  I don’t know about you, but I think us mamas have done a fantastic job at dogging and managing so many different changes. 

Working out at home doesn’t require any fancy equipment and nothing has to match.  For me, my staples are a mat, a few different sized weights, and resistance bands. 

home workout staples
Resistance BandsAmazon Link
DumbbellsAmazon Link
MatAmazon Link

Missing the “group aspect” of class?

Find a workout partner

First…me too.  Finding a group fitness class where you are standing side by side another mama working it is the magic sauce for many. 

One good option to try.  Find a friend(s) and Facetime them while you work out.  My workout buddies are what keep me completely accountable and I think we secretly have a plan to see who can outdo each other with finding “creative” workouts

These ladies are my sanity.

Need help finding a workout group?  Join our Badass Mama Gang Community and post the times you are available.  I can guarantee you will find some instant workout friends! 

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badass mama gang community

Where can I find a good home workout?

Right here! 

My goal is to find us safe, effective, less than 30-minute workouts with limited equipment.  Some workouts may take us outside.  Some may just need a comfortable spot. 

BUT…all will give you a good workout that you may feel for a few days.

Ok Jaime…let’s do this!

Check out this TOTAL BODY WORKOUT that is created for a home workout specifically. 

Just need to find a good spot on the floor and some good music to blast!

I am totally stuck on mash-ups right now with workout music.  Check out my favorite HERE

Wrapping this one up!

Just remember…the perfect workout is the one we do. Close down all the voices that you have to DO THIS SPECIFIC THING. Do what you love, look forward to doing, and you will see the results.

Join our Badass Mama Gang and find your workout partner. Schedule a time to meet. Use facetime, zoom, or any method that works BEST for you.

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No more trying to remember websites, knowing when will the next post drop, or searching for information. 

Moms…we are busy. 

Let me give YOU back your time by bringing you information that we REALLY need. 

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total body workout from home

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