Upper Body Home Workout in under 30 minutes

Hey there hot mama!

Today, we have an upper body home workout that will leave your arms shaking AND is under 30 minutes.

Go grab your weights and a comfortable spot on the floor.

Let’s do this!

Upper body home workout

For this workout, we will have 2 series of exercises (standing and mat)

Complete all exercises in order and then start back up at the top. The series will be completed three times.

Reps: 10 per exercise

What’s the magic sauce in this workout? It’s about the counts and going VERY slowly. Think 1 count to contract the muscle and 4 counts to slowly let it back to neutral.

upper body home workout

Warm Up

Get the blood flowing into the upper body with a quick round of arm circles.

Standing Series

  • Hammer curl
  • Lateral raise
  • Bent over Row (elbows super close to the body)
  • Front raise
  • Overhead raise
  • Static bicep curl – serve the plates

Mat Series

  • Chest push-up (1 count down to the floor – 4 counts back up)
  • Tricep push up (4 counts to the floor – 1 count up)
  • Chest press
  • Kneeling Tricep overhead raise

Wrapping this one up!

Workout at home should not be complicated or need 408 pieces of equipment. This workout will hit the spot for your upper body day with just weights/mat and less than 30 minutes.

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