when to get new tennis shoes
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When Do I Need New Tennis Shoes? Signs & Symptoms

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when to get new tennis shoes

Stop what you are doing right now, grab your tennis shoes you normally wear, and look at them.

Do you know when it’s time to replace them?  When have they outlived their use in your workout regimen?

Do you have tennis shoes that are in different stages?  Like the new ones, moved into the workout only shoes, to the everyday walk shoe, and finally to “why do I still have this”?

It’s confusing to know when it’s time to get new ones.  But one thing is absolutely for certain, the right shoes are essential no matter what type of work out is being done. 

When athletic shoes should be replaced depends upon the amount of usage, signs of wear, and age of the shoe. The four main components of an athletic that can break down or wear out: outer sole, midsole, heel counter, and shank or cut out area of the shoe.

when do i need new tennis shoes

It may seem like it would be obvious when we need to replace our workout shoes.  This should be when they look worn out…right?  Wrong

What??  Yep…wrong.  It doesn’t matter if the shoes still look new.  If the support is gone then it doesn’t matter what the outside looks like. 

How to know when it’s time to replace your sneakers?  The signs  and symptoms.

The heel.  Take a good look at the heel of both shoes.  If it’s more worn down on one side when comparing to the other side, it can cause you to lean more to one side.  This is the same for running, walking, dance fitness, tennis, volleyball…anything that has you on your feet and moving.

The sole tread.  Is the sole tread worn down?  Many tennis shows are actually made so that a different color will show through when the sole is wearing down. 

Frequent pain.  Listen to your feet…even when they start to whisper.  If pain is starting to creep in that wasn’t there before.  Talking foot, ankle, knee, or hip pain, it may be a good indicator that the shoes are at the end of their lifespan. 

The Shoe just feels less supportive and/or it’s making noises. 

If you are doing a workout that includes lateral moves (i.e. tennis, volleyball, dance fitness, Zumba, etc), the outside of the shoe may be the first thing to go.  For me, it is always my left foot and as soon as I feel that foot start to slide around in the shoe, well, it’s time to get a new pair.

Do you have a new blister?  When that shoe starts to wear out, the support for the entire shoe goes with it.  Thus…lots of sliding around in the shoe.

when to replace your tennis shoes

How to extend the life of your shoes

Finding good tennis shoes sometimes comes with a hefty price tag and the last thing we want to be doing is swapping them out.  Is there a way to extend their lifespan? 

Here are a few tips to try:

  • Only wear your shoes for that particular activity.   When I first get a pair of shoes for working out, it is for working out only.  They are not my everyday shoe or what I wear to work.  I have even seen people carrying in their shoes to the class or gym and change right before their workout. 
  • Rotate your shoes.  If you have several pairs to rotate, this could be one to try out as to not constantly add wear to one particular pair.  This also gives the shoe time to “air out” to stop the growth of the funky bacteria/fungus that breaks down the durability of the shoe.

Buy the current model.  Shoes are put together with glue and with a combination of a warehouse and store shelves, the shoe’s glue is drying out.  Although we can get a good deal on the old models being discontinued, they may already be over a year old before you put them on your feet.  Unfortunately, there is no exact science, method, or way to determine a shoe’s life span.

Per the google, a general rule of thumb is about 45-60 hours before the midsole wears out.  For a runner, this looks like 350-500 miles.  Time-wise…this looks like 4-6 months.

when to replace your tennis shoes

Wrapping this one up

Getting new tennis shoes is like changing the oil in your car.  You have to pull the trigger depending on either time or miles, and even though it is super easy to forget, it’s essential to the overall function of the car. 

Whether you have been tackling boot camp on the regular, beating the pavement, or spending time under the squat rack, your workout is only as good as the shoes you are standing in.

Not sure if you are ready for a new pair?  Head to the store and try on a new pair.  If you have a total wow moment, it’s a really good indicator that you are past due for a new pair.  Put them in cart and on your feet during your next workout.

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when do i need new tennis shoes

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